CoPastor Sylvia Gardner

 Co-Pastor Sylvia Gardner is a dynamic speaker and forward-thinking visionary, standing beside her husband, Apostle D.L. Gardner for 29 years. Together, they lead the renowned Greater Judah Christian Center in North Carolina. In her role as the executive director of women’s and children’s affairs at the center, Co-Pastor Sylvia Gardner oversees the globally recognized Queen Esther Program, the nationally acclaimed Distinctively Debutante Program, as well as the mentoring initiative, Little Queen Esther. These programs cater to academically gifted girls between the ages of 10 and 17. Driven by the belief that women play a vital role in shaping the atmosphere of their homes, Co-Pastor Gardner aims to spread a sense of peace and tranquility to households worldwide. With charisma, energy, and unwavering faith, Co-Pastor Gardner holds Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Theology. She is a proficient entrepreneur and a certified cosmetology instructor, emphasizing her dedication to marriage, worship, and prayer. Passionate about preaching and intercession, she discovered her calling at the age of 21, guided by a strong prophetic gift and a sincere desire to follow God’s will. Viewing prayer as more than a practice but a way of life, Co-Pastor Gardner, alongside Apostle Gardner, endeavors to strengthen family bonds, bring salvation to the lost, and empower individuals to realize their full potential in Christ. Having emerged from her own struggles, she seeks to inspire women who feel unloved and offer hope, believing that her purpose in the kingdom is divinely appointed. 

Esther 4:14 echoes her conviction that each individual is uniquely placed by God for a specific time and purpose, resonating with her mission to bring light and encouragement to those in need.